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god save the queen

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

6 Responses to “god save the queen”

  1. Super Terrific Says:

    Cool page.

  2. seung Says:

    hey, thanks!
    you have an awesome blog too! :)

  3. Super Terrific Says:

    Komapta, are you and Jiwung chingu?

  4. seung Says:

    jiwung, orricco and i hang out all the time.
    actually three of us and other car buddies will start having “cars & coffee” meets in nj area every once a month.
    you should come join us! :)

  5. Super Terrific Says:

    Yea man just let me know the time and the date I will be going there. I haven’t met any Koreans that are interested in cars as much as me. I know there are. Definetly I would love to come just let me know.

  6. Super Terrific Says:

    You have msn or an email by the way? So its easier to contact each other.

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